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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 8, 2010, 5:41 PM
... and my mouse seems to die faster these days; it's only been.. 2 weeks? 3 weeks? since I changed the battery :|
pfffttttt!!! stop lying with "the battery could last for 3 MONTHS!"
it would last for 3 months if I'm using it for 10 minutes per day :XD: :rofl:

I had a really brain froze moment for the whole day :|
and it seriously pissed me off!
I was trying to do my AI coursework; ended up spending my whole morning-evening with it and what worse, I couldn't get the right answer for the first question! FIRST QUESTION!
I got the right answers in the last few question :XD: urghh! that's so annoying!

I spent my weekend working on another coursework; sort of got things to work fine except that I'm not sure if I was using the right algorithm :|
and the report for that coursework.. urghh I'm surprised with my English
It's HORRIBLE! As I read it, I was like.. WTF?
I'm turning from bad to worse :|


Then I started again with my project which I haven't been doing for.. 3 days since my brain just can't think of ways to tackle one effing problem! and I had an exam last Friday, so yeah :XD:
I spent 5 days trying to debug 1 effing error and just by chance, managed to solve it a few minutes ago :rofl: :rofl: FINALLY!!!

I bet I'm going to get another error/ stuck somewhere again :)
It happens all the time haha

Last week exam, surprisingly I did well in it
I was extremely nervous. It was the kind of nervous that you feel like puking, and you're so going to cry if someone talks to you before the exam :|
I'm hoping I could calm down and not be that nervous! tsk!

gah I need to get the deadlines date down
stop panicking, puhlez!

Anyway, polls from before.. I asked:
How to stop EATING when already full (or way too full!)? I seem to eat more than I need and only stop when I feel like puking if I eat more  which is really bad

I followed the advice given and sort of eat properly for the past days; but err ended up eating like crazy since a few days ago
I had dinner at 7pm, and by 12am, I'll be having toast with eggs :|
The more stuck I am with my work, the more I'll eat :|
pffttt bottomless tummy? :rofl:

Love chocolate? How many bar per day (small bar)?

Normally I'd have 3 small bars per day :|
These days? 1 huge bar per day :|
Thanks choc! You're keeping me sane! :rofl: :rofl:

How do you control your anger? ie not taking it out on people that are close to you?

I'm no good in this :|
Nearly take it out on my parents and a close friend of mine. I sounded really annoyed but not to the extend that I burst it all out :|
Dear me, please hold back and keep it in
Btw, there are good advices on controlling anger/calming down in the comments :)

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I'll call it a day and head off to bed :)
My brain doesn't seem to be working properly today and I feel funny :|
and yes, I'M NOT OKAY! :XD:

... as if saying that could change anything :|

  • Mood: Tense
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  • Drinking: coffee
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I got confused just by reading your journal :( Time outtt

So something different and crazy with friends once in a while :)
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tart-naived Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
Mouse batteries - bad.
Chocolate - good.
Panicking - bad.
Features - good.


I just though you needed this....:icontardgrinnhugplz:
Adila Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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